how to clean air fryer simple ways.

How To Clean An Air Fryer- Simple Ways

Don’t take time to clean the air fryer after each use otherwise you will regret it. Our simple tactics and homely solutions for how to clean an air fryer-simple ways can minimize your kitchen worries. Let’s start it.

Who isn’t concerned for overweight or fatty flesh of health? Undoubtedly, everyone wholeheartedly desires a perfect shape and disease-free health, regardless of young or old age.

To achieve it, people go to the gym, try to work out for hours, take food supplements and follow a diet chart.

But many of us become tired of those and can’t continue for an extended period. Everyone, however, looks for a sustainable solution for keeping good health that will not make bore anyway.

Mainly, excess oil use with daily meals is the reason for fat gain or failure in extra weight loss. That’s why an easy cooking device for oil-free food can be an appropriate solution for health-conscious people. The most popular appliance nowadays to enjoy guilt-free eating is named an Air Fryer.

What is an Air Fryer? 

An Air Fryer is an electronic cooking appliance that uses hot air and very little oil to cook the food. The most amazing thing is you can enjoy oil-free cooking in an air fryer.

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How does an Air Fryer Work?

During air-frying, without excessive edible oil from an external source for the food, the Air fryer uses oil or fat in the food basket that drips or splatters into the pull-out drawer.

Over time the grease can build up in the drawer and on the heating element to smell the odor or even see smoke as food cooks.

Parts of Air Fryers

Essential movable parts except for the main component of the fryer base are as follows. Clear idea about parts of an air fryer can help you to understand – how to clean an air fryer easily.

Air Fryer Basket: This is the part of a fryer where the food holds on. Despite all branded air fryers, this part is standard, and it’s become a mesh or round holes.

Crumb basket: The crumb or base basket is the bottom of the fryer that holds the basket. It uses to catch grease, oil and crumbs resulted during the cooking time. It also called pan outer box.

And parts which we need to know for operating air fryers are:

Temperature control slider: This is an important part of learning for the air fryer user. Preset temperature varies, but it remains between 325 to 400 F. But preheat is a must before cook. 3 to 5 minutes preheated fryer creates a pleasant cooking environment and hot when food added. For example, when we cook in an oven, we preheat the oil before adding the food.

Timer control knob: Cooking time on Air Fryer vary based on the quantity and size of food placed on the basket. For example, meat cooking depends on the thickness of boneless or with bone.

Steps to be Followed For Cleaning an Air Fryer

We must Clean Air Fryer every time after use. When we cook food and left in the basket, it burns, affects the taste of the next food to be cooked. That’s why we should follow these tips and hacks and learn how to clean the air fryer easily to have a longer life of our kitchen friend air fryer.

Clean the Air Fryer basket every time you cook.

Before start cleaning, you must unplug the Air Fryer. Remove the Air Fryer basket and let it cool down entirely, either set in the sink or counter. Most Air Fryer baskets have two parts: a crumb basket and a frying basket.

The crumb basket

it sits on the top, is removable, and dishwasher safe. By taking the crumb basket out and discard any loose pieces of food leftover in it, wipe it out with a damp cloth. It can be washed either in the dishwasher or can take hand wash using dish soap.

It is apparent that the crumb basket contains a non-stick coating on the surface, so we must alert not to use an abrasive brush like steel wool or abrasive cleaners that might damage that coating.

While cleaning by hand, we must try to clean all the crevices and the outside and inside of the basket. A dish brush or toothbrush can clean all the slats. After cleaning ins and outs we will keep it to dry it thoroughly before putting it back in the air fryer.

The frying basket

The air fryer basket is placed at the bottom and it is dishwasher safe. At the bottom of the frying basket, lots of grease and gunk fall and deposit. We might have to soak this in a bit of dish soap and hot water before wiping it out with a sponge or gentle brush.

It is better to clean the frying basket after each use. If they don’t, the old food and grease will smell and get absorbed into the new food.

The exterior 

The exterior of the air fryer shouldn’t be left in a filthy state. Though all cooking is done inside, it is a good idea to keep it dust-free and wipe down the outside of the sir fryer at least once a week. It will keep this appliance germ-free and looking like new. All we need for this work is a damp cloth. If there is grease or food on the outside, use a little dish soap or all-purpose cleaner.

Deep clean inside the air fryer

Once started to use, deep clean inside the air fryer will be required about once a month or whenever it started smelling funky; go too deep clean inside the air fryer with just some baking soda and water. While doing this, follow the mechanical and cleaning instructions as mentioned earlier.

Finally, we must try to use a wet cloth or sponge to wipe the exterior, then dry the appliance thoroughly—otherwise, all minerals will build upon the surface.

Air Fryer Cleaning Solutions

We use many air fryer cleaning hacks to keep air fryers clean. No matter which one we choose, it’s important to avoid abrasive material like steel wool or stiff brushes that might cause a scratch on the air fryer’s non-stick surface.

There are some excellent suggestions of cleaning solution listed below:

  1. Vinegar and water mix is an effective solution for cleaning inside the air fryer. You can use 1 cup of water and add 1/3 cup of vinegar with it. Put the mixture in the spray bottle and spritz it all over the air fryer’s areas that require cleaning.
  2. Baking soda, another home remedy, mixing with water, makes a thick paste, is one of the easy cleaning solution used on the stuck-on spot on the basket and lets it soak. The surface will have a pretty look no doubt.
  3. All-purpose cleaners are also safe to clean inside and outside of air fryer. Just spray the cleaners on the surface, wipe it with a clean cloth and finally let it dry.
  4. Dish soap is another reliable solution for cleaning air fryers. Put a few drops of concentrated dish soap on a sponge, soak it in water and use it to wipe out the air fryer.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning an air fryer is more comfortable than one might think. But we must read the manual before cleaning this modern appliance. A clean, fresh air fryer can change your dry kitchen environment and push your cooking habit vigorously.

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