Cosori air fryer replacement parts

Replacement Parts for Cosori Air Fryer- Must have

Cosori Air Fryer is a great cooking appliance for brand air fryer lovers, but it will need replacement parts like any other appliance in your kitchen. If you have the best air fryer on the market, then, of course, you want to keep it that way! The good news is that we have compiled a list of all the best and most popular replacement parts for this specific brand and type. You can check out our list below to find out more about Replacement Parts for Cosori Air Fryer.

Replacement Parts for Cosori Air Fryers set includes following:

  • 1 cake pan
  • 1 pizza pan
  • 1 metal holder
  • 1 multi-purpose rack with five skewers
  • 1 Silicone Mat and
  • 1 egg bites mould with lid provides

Features of Cosori Air Fryer Accessories

  • It’s perfect for your COSORI Air Fryer or any other air fryer that has a 5.8Qt to 6Qt capacity
  • Made of food-grade and heat-resisting materials
  • These are dishwasher safe with nonstick coating and easy to clean

Let’s see some interesting details of these six accessories:

Air Fryer Parts Size Cooking items
Metal Holder 8” Cooking meat or fish, Elevates pans or egg bites mould, Maximize cooking surface
Egg Bites Mold 6.5″ Baking egg bites and mini muffins
Skewer Rack & Skewers 7.9″ Kebab, hot dogs or s’more
Cake pan 7.7″ Baking cakes, bread and quiches
Silicon Mat 7″ Heat Resistance surface for pans and moulds
Pizza Pan 7.7″ Pizza, sweet or savoury pies


Final Thoughts

From the above speak outs, it is clear that a Cosori Air Fryer presence in your kitchen ensures another thing. And this is an amazing air fryer accessory kit. You can start cooking healthier food without spending more money on individual pieces. You’ll be able to make anything from cakes to pizzas and even eggs in the shape of little bites with this awesome set.

The best part is that these items fit into your existing kitchenware, so they’re easy to store when not in use – plus, they’re dishwasher safe for easy clean up after dinner too!

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